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PPCA Compliance/Requirements | PPCA Compliance/Requirements – Kim Stanley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

PPCA Compliance/Requirements

Specialized benefits expertise: You can now get HR, health and wellness, and compliance information from a one-size-fits-all insurance broker. We offer newsletters and attorney written fact sheets such as HR Insights, Weight-loss Winner and Know Your Benefits series to include the most recent legislative bulletins.

– Strategic planning: By sitting down with you, discussing the complexities of evolving costs and developing a long-term strategic benefit plan, we can save you significant amounts of money in the long run while building a strong relationship to keep you compliant.

– Independent benchmarking data: Choosing the right health care plan is highly localized. Delivering objective benchmarking data based on your business region, industry and size. Ask for the 2014 Health Plan Design Benchmark Summary. The document 2014 Survey Results: Affordable Care Act will show you how other employers are coping with health care reform.

– PPACA compliance: Pay or play penalties, full-time employee tracking and applicable large employer status are extremely complex and confusing topics. We offer the Health Care Reform Pay or Play Calculator, the Health Care Reform Full-time Employee Tracker and the Health Care Reform Large Employer Calculator to help you navigate these issues. We can assist you with Section 6055 and 6056 reporting by providing the Section 6055 Reporting Workbook and the Section 6056 Reporting Workbook. Access to a year’s worth of trustworthy health care reform bulletins and briefs that are written and maintained by attorneys also available.

– Advocacy with carriers: We offer a transparent fee-based system

– Benefits enrollment support: We offer benefits enrollment systems to simplify your enrollment process. In today’s regulatory environment it is all about to get considerably more complex and now is the time to streamline this process accordingly.

Sample documents:

  • Open Enrollment Glossary of Terms
  • Benefits Summary
  • Employee Benefits Enrollment Guide
  • Maximizing Open Enrollment for Employees

– Employee communications: Directly tie your employee communication services to health care cost management. Having highly educated employees equates to huge savings for you business.